December 18, 2015

What is Composer?

Create a simple Composer – Packagist PHP package

This little article will guide you to create a simple composer package.

What is Composer?

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. The way I’d like to look at it is – Composer

facilitates the inclusion / reference of external PHP libraries in your project.

In this article, we will talk about how to create a composer package instead of how to reference

a library in your project.

The main points

­ Create a repository on Github for your library

­ Your library needs to follow a simple file / folder structure

­ Your library should contain a composer.json file

­ You need to submit the Github repo link into Packagist

Create a repository on Github

I am sure you know how to do this pretty well. So go ahead and create one.

Library folder structure

Follow the below structure


|­ composer.json

\­ src

\­ HelloWorld

\­ HelloWorld.php


This file mentions the configuration or setup of your composer package. See the example file



“name”: “1985apps/inline­email”,

“autoload”: {

“psr­0”: {

“InlineEmail”: “src”




name: vendor/package

psr­0: namespace : path to files to include

Submit your repository to Packagist

This is the easy part. ­ Create an account at Packagist ­ Click on the “submit” link

­ Mention your Github link

That’s it!

Now anyone can include your package by using this (in their project’s composer.json).

requires: {

“vendor/package”: “dev­master”


You can use our package (1985apps/inline­email) as a reference on how to go about it. Feel

free to download it, move files around and see how it works

Helpful links: ­ 1985apps/email:­email ­ Similar guide at Junior Grosse:­your­first­composer-
packagist­package/ ­ Composer: ­ Packagist:

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