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// Language: PHP // Program: Birthday Reminder class BirthdayReminder { protected $name, $dob; function __construct($name, $dob) { $this->name = $name; $this->dob = $dob } public function is_it_my_birthday() { return (date('M d Y') == $dob) ? "Happy Birthday!!" : "Not Today :/"; } } $john = new BirthdayReminder('John', 'Dec 1 1987'); print( $john->is_it_my_birthday() );
// Language: Java // Program: Chocolate Machine Class ChoclateMachine { ArrayList< String > chocolates = ["M&M", "Twix", "Milkyway", "Toblerone"]; public static void main(String args[]) { int randomPick = (int)(Math.random() * chocolates.size()); String yourChocolate = chocolates.get(randomPick); System.out.println("Your chocolate for the day is " + yourChocolate); } } $ java ./chocolate-machine Your chocolate for the day is Twix
// Language: SQL // Program: Strongest SELECT Name FROM Avengers WHERE Alias = 'incredible' AND SuperHuman = true AND Strength = 'limitless' AND Weakness IS NULL AND Tirdness <> 0 AND Anger = 'insane' AND Loudness > 1 AND Durability = 'dynamic' AND Awesomness = binary_double_infinity ORDER BY Strength; Showing rows 0 - 1 (1 total, Query took 0.001 sec); HulK
# Language: JavaScript # Program: When Life Gives You Lemons var Life = ['Lemons', 'Lemons']; while(Life.indexOf('Lemons') > -1){ makeLemonade( Life.pop() ); // MAKE LEMONADE !!! if(!Life.hasLemons()) Life.getMoreLemons(); } Life.hasLemons = function(){ return (Life.length > 0)? true: false; } Life.getMoreLemons = function(){ for (var i = 0; i < Math.random()*10; i++) Life.push('Lemons'); }
# Language: Ruby # Program: Finding Nemo class ColorFish < Fish def cute? "yes" end end nemo = puts nemo.cute? "yes"
// Language: Swift // Program: I <3 Pizza ! enum Days { case Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday } enum Groups { case Veg case NonVeg } let pizza = Food(group: Groups.NonVeg, slices: 500) as! Food pizza.requestHomeDelivery(when: Days.Today)
// Language: Java // Program: Puppy Zoo package com.puppies class Puppy { public int age; public Puppy(String name, int age){ = name; self.age = age; } public void grow(){ self.age += 1; } } Puppy benji = new Puppy("Benji", 4); benji.grow();

We build larger applications for entrepreneurs

We work with

Samir Patil
Founder & CEO Scroll Media Inc.

Samir is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He had earlier also founded ACK Media, an entertainment and education company for the youth. He is also co-founder of sports based entertainment centre Smaash Entertainment Pvt Ltd and fashion portal for women Styloot. is an independent news and information venture. We were given the responsibility of developing the first cut of the application. Building a custom, functional CMS was probably the most challenging part of the project. Scroll raised funding from Omidyar Network in 2014.

Depinder Singh
Founder & CEO Woofyz Pet Services Pvt. Ltd

Depinder has an exemplary track record of building businesses and providing strategic direction in wireless and Internet domains. In his 15+ years of experience he has been part of the leadership teams of multiple organizations including DeNA, Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions, Lifetree Convergence and was founder at Pannu Securities.

Woofyz is a social platform for dogs! After a successful closed Beta and a round of Angel Investment, Woofyz is geared up for an exciting journey ahead. Woof Woof!

Neerja Mittersain
Founder at "Stealth Mode Foodtech Startup"

Neerja is an alumnus of London School of Economics. She had earlier also founded GourmetCo Retail Pvt. Ltd. which now enjoys a loyal customer base. She had also worked as Senior Consultant at PwC and Consultant at KPMG

The "Stealth Mode Foodtech Startup" is one of the most exciting projects 1985 has worked on. We are busy cooking this one. Tasty little serving coming your way soon!

Abhijit Jayapal
Mobile and Digital Entrepreneur, Founder at Synqua Games

Abhijit is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures in the Mobile and Digital space. He is an ace strategist and a business leader who is never short of new ideas. He is the founder at Synqua Games, with over 60+ titles. He had earlier also founded Giftloop, a social gifting platform.

We are glad to have collaborated with him on a regular basis. We are also happy to have him advise us.

"In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others"

Deuteronomy Rabbah

JS-Variable Scope

Types of JavaScript variables: There can be two types of variables in JS, ● local variable ● global variable Scope of a variable: A variable’s scope is simply the context in which the said varia…
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Inheritance in JavaScript

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Email with HTML

Introduction There are times when we would want to send interesting Emails to our users rather than just plain old text Emails. Even though there is quite a simple solution for this, I wasted a good n…
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1985 Open Sourced

During our development we are continously writing libraries and frameworks and we publish the ones which developers find helpful.

We like to contribute to the community we have learned from.

Valor Dual

 A simple image manipulation ruby gem which create versions (sizes) for a specified image and publishes it to Amazon S3 as well.


Inline Email

 A Simple PHP library to generate HTML files with inline css while still using classes while writing the markup. Primarily focused on being able to create simple HTML email content


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