Monthly Archives: December 2015

Semantic HTML and its advantages

What is Semantic HTML? HTML is a markup language used to write Web Pages. HTML has evolved a lot since its inception, there are a lot more tags and properties now than before. Semantic HTML is nothing but writing the Markup in a way that it conveys some meaning about the page. These are some […]

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JS-Variable Scope

Types of JavaScript variables: There can be two types of variables in JS, ● local variable ● global variable Scope of a variable: A variable’s scope is simply the context in which the said variable exists and is accessible. Local variables have function level scope, whereas global variable, ie., the variables declared outside function definition, […]

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Inheritance in JavaScript

Introduction to Prototype: Prototype? Why this sudden change of topic? Not really! In javascript, inheritance is implemented through prototype, unlike other oop languages (for example, java, c++) where its class based inheritance. What is Prototype in JavaScript? A Prototype is a property that every object in JS possesses, it’s not set for a new object […]

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Email with HTML

Introduction There are times when we would want to send interesting Emails to our users rather than just plain old text Emails. Even though there is quite a simple solution for this, I wasted a good number of hours trying to achieve this. So how do we do this?? I learned this the hard way […]

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Custom Events with Laravel 5 ­ Part 1

It is easy to write custom events and handlers, but writing your own events will allow a lot more flexibility in your application. So let’s get to it! Introduction In this tutorial we will work with a simple application that allows users to create their own Posts and then the Admin can review and approve […]

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